Uni Knot for fishing – How to tie

uni knot fishing how to tie

Uni Knot

The Uni knot, also known as the Grinner, is used to attach hooks, rings, and swivels to fishing lines.  It works well with monofilament, co-polymer, and fluorocarbon lines.

How to tie

Feed the line through the eye of the hook and hold the line parallel with the main line.

uni knot fishing

Create a loop over the doubled line.

tying uni knot

Wrap the tail end round the line and through the loop 6 times.

hook knot

Wet the line with water or saliva and pull the tail to begin tightening the knot.

Slide the knot down by pulling on the main line.

sliding knot down

Pull tail again and continue to alternate until you reach the eye of the hook.

tighten uni knot

One last pull on the mainline to tighten it.

Cut off the tail end to finish.

cut tail end off


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