Twizzled Loop – How to tie

The Twizzled loop is used in ledger and feeder fishing rigs to create a stiff section of line.

Twizzled sections are used in a rig to reduce tangles on the cast.
By doubling the line and twisting it together, a stiff boom can be created to keep the hook link and mainline apart in the air and through the water.

Another advantage with the doubled line of a twizzled boom, is that it will reduce abrasion of the line above the feeder, where a swivel or the feeder body can rub.

How to Twizzle

Take a length of line and double it.

Tie a figure of eight loop, leaving a long tag end.

figure of eight loop

Twist the line and tag end between your fingers in opposite directions to cause the line to “twizzle” together.

twizzling line

Pull the twizzle apart and back together again to make the twizzle tighter and stiffer.

pull twizzle

Tie a double overhand knot to finish and secure the twizzled section.

tying knot

Moisten with water or saliva and pull the knot down tight.

tighten knot twizzled loop

Cut off tail end to finish the knot.

tail end cut
twizzled loop finish

Twizzled loop uses

In some circumstances, the initial figure-of-eight loop knot may not be needed.
It can be replaced with a snaplink, swivel or ring. A Helicopter rig for Bream and silver fish is a good example of a twizzled loop that uses a snap link.

helicopter rig


Figure of eight loop knot


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