The Knotless knot – How to tie


The knotless knot is used to tie a rig where the bait hangs below the hook, which allows the exposed hook a better chance of pricking the fish.  This article covers how to tie the basic knot, which is used with many different rigs.

Knotless knot How to tie

Take a length of line from the spool.

Tie a small figure of 8 loop in one end, using a loop tyer.

knotless knot loop

Thread the line through the eye from the back towards the point.  .

thread line

The amount of the line hanging below the hook is related to the size of bait you intend using.

high rig knotless

Wrap the line down the shank starting on the side with no join in the eye.

wrapping line

Take the wrap down until it is in line with the point of the hook.

point of hook

Hold the wrap in place and thread the line back through the eye from the back towards the point.

thread through eye knotless

Pull tight.

pull knot tight




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