The Half blood knot – How to tie

The Half blood knot

The Half blood knot is used to attach fishing line to hooks, swivels, lures, essentially anything with an eye.

How to tie a half blood knot

Thread the line through the eye of the hook.

half turn blood knot

Wrap the tail end round the line 4 to 6 times. Use 4 times for thick line, and 6 times for very thin line.

wrapping tail

Thread the tail through the loop created just above the eye.

threading tail

Pull it down, wet with water or saliva and pull tight.

pulling knot down
half turn blood knot wet to tighten

use something to hook over and pull again.

tighten knot

Cut off the tail end.

cutting tail end


finished half turn blood knot


Tucked half blood knot

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