Strong Braid to Mono Leader Knot

strong braid to mono

Strong Braid to Mono leader knot is used to connect braided main line to a shock leader. Used in carp fishing, Barbel fishing or for long distance casting.

How to tie Strong Braid to Mono

Create a loop in the nylon line (leader)

strong braid to mono loop

Take the braided mainline and pass it through the loop. Pull through 6” to 8” of braid.

passing mainline

Hold the loop in your free hand and wrap the braid round the two strands of the leader line five times.

wrapping round lines

Do another five wraps back down the line overlapping the first wraps.

overlapping wrapping
strong braid to mono finished wraps

Hold the wraps and pass tail end of braid back through loop. Ensure both ends of braid come out of the loop on the same side.

threading tail end through loop
wraps complete

Moisten the knot with water or saliva.

Pull both ends to tighten.

pulling tight

Cut off tail ends close to knot.


finished strong braid to mono knot


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