Sliding stop knot – How to tie

sliding stop knot

The sliding stop knot is an easy way to put a fixed, but movable point on fishing line. A stop knot will not damage the line or catch on the rod rings while casting out. 

Sliding stop knots are most associated with deep water float fishing, but also have uses in light ledgering and Pike fishing.

Sliding stop knot How to tie

Cut a foot of mainline from the reel.

Lay the off-cut parallel to the mainline.

sliding stop knot

Create loop in the off-cut.

making loop

Pass the tail end through loop four to six times.

tail end through loop

Pull the two ends to form knot.

forming knot sliding stop knot

Wet the knot with water or saliva to lubricate the line. Pull the knot down tight onto the mainline.

wet and pull onto mainline

Cut the tail ends long. Leave at least two inches which will help the knot pass through the rod rings when casting.

cut off tail ends stop knot

The finished knot grips the line to act as a stop, but can still be slid up and down the line to a new position.

finished knot


Loop to loop knot


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