Quick Change Beads – How to use

Quick change beads allow anglers to change a hook link quickly and easily. There are two parts to a quick change bead, the bead itself and the inner peg.

How to use a Quick Change Bead

Thread the main line through the bead, and through the hole in the peg.

threading bead
attach peg

Tie a figure of eight loop knot with the peg inside the loop.

Wet the knot with water or saliva and tighten.

pull knot down

Cut off tail end leaving small tag.

Slide the bead over the knot and over the peg, leaving the slit in the peg exposed.

quick change beads

Loop a hook link over the end of the peg and into the slit. Slide the bead down to cover the slit.

quick change beadhook line attached

Quick change beads are used with flat bed feeders and running rigs.

finished hook link and quick change bead
flat bed hybrid feeder


Figure of eight loop knot


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