Perfection loop – How to tie

The Perfection loop, also known as the anglers loop, is ideal for all types of fishing line especially thick line. It is used by fly fisherman to make a loop in the end of a leader or Tippet. In coarse fishing it can be used as an alternative to the figure of eight loop knot.

Perfection loop How to tie

Take a good length of line, create a loop crossing in front of the mainline.

perfection loop cross line

Take the tail end and create a second loop around behind the first.

second  loop

Pass the tail end between the two loops.

tail end between

Hold the tail end and pull the second loop through the first and begin to tighten the knot. Pull on the tail end before fully tightening to adjust the size of the loop.

tighten loop

Moisten the knot with water or saliva, pull hard to fully tighten.

perfection loop final tighten
final tighten

Cut off tail end to finish the knot.

tail end cut
finished loop


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