Palomar knot for fishing – How to tie

Palomar knot fishing how to tie

The Palomar knot is easy to tie and a favourite among fishermen. It is especially useful with braided line to tie hooks and swivels, but is equally as easy and strong with nylon lines. Another popular use for the Palomar knot is for tying the hook to a drop shotting rig.

How to tie

I am using a swivel and yellow braid for clarity in this article.

Create a loop in the line passing through the eye.

Making the loop

Make a loose overhand knot in the loop, with the hook or swivel inside.

Overhand knot

Pass the swivel through the end of the loop.

Tying knot

Tighten the knot by pulling both lines.

Tightening knot

Cut tail end to finish.

Cutting tail
Finished knot braid

Palomar knot tied with nylon line

When tying this knot with nylon lines, wet the line first with water or saliva to help the line slide and tighten down properly.

Tying knot nylon line

Make sure all of the knot tightens above the swivel or hook and none of it wraps around the shank.

Tighten knot

Cut off the tail end to finish.

Cutting tag end


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