How to use a Waggler Float Adaptors

Float adaptors are used to attach loaded Waggler floats to fishing line. Their main purpose is for float interchangeability as conditions change.

wangler float

If the wind strengthens or the fish move further out, a heavier float will be needed. By using float adaptors, the float weight can easily be changed without the need to break the whole rig down.

This is made possible by using loaded floats from the same range, which are designed to take the same amount of additional loading down the line.

size of float

The amount of weight built into the end of a loaded Waggler varies depending on the size of the float, but the additional loading stays the same.

float weights

To use a float adaptor, moisten the end of float and push it into the adaptor.

attaching adaptor
finished waggler float adaptor

Pellet Waggler Adaptor

Pellet Waggler Adaptors are used with the heavier pellet Waggler floats. As the float could pull out of a silicon adaptor on the cast, a stronger swivel link adaptor is preferred.

pellet waggler
adaptor pellet wangler
pellet wangler adaptor


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