How to tie hook links the same length

How to tie hook links the same length is one of those little angling tricks you either know or find very frustrating. The answer is to use a hooklength jig.

A hook link jig is simply two pegs set apart by the desired length of the finished hook link. I use an adjustable jig built into the lid of my hook length storage box.

How to tie hook links the same length

how to tie hook links

Using a hook link jig

Begin by setting the pegs of the jig, at the desired hook link length. After tying a hook to your preferred hook link line. Put the hook behind one of the pegs. Bring the line around the second peg and back down parallel.

using hook link jig

Grasp the two lines between the fingers and tightly hold them together. The trick, is to get the line off of the jig without changing the length set. This is done by carefully teasing the loop of line directly off of the second peg. Lift the line clear of the jig and tie a figure-of-eight loop in the end.

The act of tying the knot to form the loop will take up some line, slightly shortening the finished hook link. Some adjustment of the jig may be needed to get the hook links just the right length, or to be a good fit in the hooklength case.

fishing using hook link


Tying hook links of the same length is not just about convenient storage. Being able to change a hook link quickly and easily while fishing, with one the same length, saves time and re-plumbing the depth.

Personally, to make my angling as simple as possible, I tie a selection of hook links to suit several styles of fishing. I tie some 6” hook links for my float fishing, a selection of 4” for various flat bed feeders, 12” for bomb and pellet and 24” for feeder fishing.

Thanks for watching and best of luck with your fishing.


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