How to tie a Spade end hook by hand

Spade end hook

A Spade end fishing hook has a flattened end to the shank rather than an eye. To tie a spade end hook, fishing line is whipped around the shank to produce a neat strong knot. These hooks align straight with the line which improves hooking rate and may improve presentation.

How to tie a Spade end hook

Ensure the line to the spool is kept under tension by holding the spool between you knees, or using something to hold it down.

Double the line to create a loop

spade end loop

Hold the hook and looped line together.

spade end hook and line

While holding the hook and the loop, wrap the tail end around the shank including the line under the wraps. Use eight to ten wraps going up the shank towards the spade.

wrapping round shank
tail round shank spade end hook

After the last wrap, change hands to hold the knot and hook together.

Pass the tail end through the loop and pull the loop down with the fingers on the hand holding the hook.

tail through loop

Pull tight and slide the knot up the shank under the spade. Ensure the line comes off the inside of the out-turned spade.

pull knot tight

Cut off tail end.

cut off end

Finish knot.



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