How to tie a Running rig

running rig

Running rig is perhaps the best all-round feeder fishing rig for both lakes and rivers. Use for short to mid range swims that have a reasonably firm, reasonably clear bottom.

How to tie a Running rig

First thread a snap link swivel onto the mainline. A snap link makes it easier to change the feeder at any time while fishing.

snap link swivel

Next add a line stop, which is a tight fitting silicone bead. To get a stop onto the line, thread the line through the wire loop the beads come on and pull the bead across and onto the fishing line.

A stiffer section of line called a “Twizzled boom” is needed down the line to help reduce tangles on the cast. Double the line and tie a figure-of-eight loop knot leaving a long tail. Wet all knots with water or saliva before tightening down.

Hold the main line in one hand and the tail end of the tail in the other, twist both in opposite directions to cause the lines to wrap around each other creating a Twizzled section. Tie a double overhand knot to secure the twizzled section at about 6 inches long. Slide the line stop down until it touches the top of the Twizzled boom.

twizzled loop

Looking at the finished rig, there is a loop at the end to connect the hook link. Above the loop is a 6 inch Twizzled boom with a line stop tight against the top knot. Finally above the line stop is the free running snap link swivel.

running rig set up

Clip on a feeder and loop-to-loop connect a hook link to make the rig ready for use. When the weight of a feeder is hanging on the line, the line stop causes the Twizzled boom to kick out away from the feeder. This in turn holds the hook link out of harm’s way greatly reducing tangles on the cast and in the air.

running rig twizzled loop


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