How to tie a Pellet band and Bayonet hair rig

A Pellet band is a small Latex ring used to hold a hard bait, such as a pellet, next to the hook. The band is tied to the hook with a variation of the knotless knot. The same knot is used to attach a bayonet when boilies and wafters are the desired hook bait. Both the bait band and bayonet methods of baiting the hook, can be used when flat bed feeder fishing, ledgering or float fishing.

How to tie a Pellet band

Thread the pellet band on to the line.

line pellet band

Create an overhand loop with the band inside.

tying overhand knot

To make identical rigs, use a loop sizing tool to create uniformly sized loops. Pass the loop over the long peg of the tool and the knot over the short peg. Pull the knot down tight onto the tool. Lift the knot off of the short peg and pull the knot tight against the long peg.

sizing loop

Cut off the tail end.

bait band tail end

Thread the line through eye of the hook towards the point. Arrange the bait band to hang just below the bottom of the hook. Leave more of a gap for larger baits.

knotless knot

Hold the loop and band in place and take two or three turns around the shank above the loops knot. Continue down the shank below the loops knot until in line with the hook point.

Hold the wraps in place and thread line through the eye of hook from back to front.

turns down shank

Pull tight to finish.

pellet band end
pellet in band

How to tie a bait Bayonet

Bait Bayonets are used to skewer firm baits such as boilies and wafters. Some anglers prefer to tie a bayonet directly. I believe attaching them within a loop, using the same method as the bait band, allows the bait freedom to move in a more natural way.

In this article I have used a size 12 hook with 8mm pellets and boilies, which I have found to be the ideal combination in most circumstances.

bait on bayonet


knotless knot


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