How to tie a Helicopter rig

helicopter rig

How to tie a helicopter rig – Feeder fishing Bream and Roach

Helicopter rig is ideal for long casting without tangles, it is streamlined and stable through the air making it the best for feeder fishing at distance.

Begin tying the rig by threading the first of two lines stops onto the main line. Follow it with a small or medium size quick change hook link swivel and the second line stop. Slide the whole assembly up the line out of the way.

tying line stop helicopter rig
line stops and swivel

Tie a figure-of-eight loop in the end of the main line, make sure to leave a long tag end to the knot. Wet all knots with water or saliva before tightening down. This loop is for a snap link swivel, either include the snap link within the loop or use the loop to hitch the swivel on later.

Twizzled Boom

Create a two or three inch twizzled boom from the long tag end of the loop and main line. Tie off with a double overhand knot. The twizzled boom serves two purposes. It provides a length of stiffer line above the feeder to reduce the risk of tangles. Secondly, if a big fish is hooked the bottom line stop will get pulled down towards the feeder during the fight. The knot in the top of the twizzled boom will prevent the stop and hook link from getting too close to the feeder. Next clip on a feeder and lastly attach a hook link to the quick change swivel.

twizzled boom
helicopter rig swivel

Finishing touches

Slide the line stops down to between 6 and 8 inches above the feeder. Leave a gap between the two line stops to allow the hook link swivel to freely rotate on the line. This allows the hook link to “helicopter” on casting rather than wrapping around the main line.

complete rig

The casting weight (the feeder) is placed right at the end of the line of a Helicopter rig. The leading position of the feeder not only reduces tangles, but also makes the rig more streamlined and stable in the air. A range of feeder designs have been developed with their weights in the front, rather than on the side, to take full advantage of being on the end of the line.



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