How to tie a fishing knot

How to tie a strong fishing knot every time

  1. Tie all knots carefully and neatly.
  2. Lubricate the knot with water or saliva before fully tightening.
  3. Pull the knot down tight slowly and fully.
  4. Visually check the knot is neat, with no obvious kinks or twists.
  5. Cut the loose end off leaving a short tag.

Our website has many fishing knots with each knot fully explained in video and pictures.

What are the best fishing knots

Many anglers have a selection of favourite fishing knots which they rely on and have confidence in. Here at Coarse Fishing Knots, we have compiled a list of what we believe to be the most useful, strong, reliable and popular knots commonly used in the U.K.

Spade end hook knots

A Spade end fishing hook has a flattened end to the shank rather than an eye. To tie a spade end hook, fishing line is wrapped around the shank creating strong neat knot.

Knots for hooks with an eye

The Uni knot and the Knotless knot are perhaps the most popular knots used to attach eyed hooks and swivels to fishing lines.

Best loop knots

The figure of eight loop knot is one of the strongest knots for tying a loop in fishing line. Loops can be used to hitch swivels, snap links and any other terminal tackle with an eye. They can also be used to loop two lines together.

Knots for tying line together

Fishing rigs often use a knot to join different strengths or types of line together. Here are three popular joining knots, but have a look at our Joining Line category for more options.

Other commonly used knots and rigs

Here is a list of seven most viewed knots on our website in addition to the knots already mentioned.

Many more knot and fishing rig articles appear our website.

For help and advice on coarse fishing lakes and rivers, please visit our other website at Amateur Angling

Best of luck with your fishing.

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