How to tie a Drop Shot Rig

A Drop Shot rig uses a Palomar knot with a long tail to tie the hook. The hook is tied this way to make the lure stand away from the line. Drop shotting is used to catch Perch, Zander, Pike and the occasional Chub.

How to tie a Drop Shot Rig

Thread 2 to 3 feet of line through the eye of a hook from back to front. Pass the line back through the eye to form a loop with a long tail. The length of the tail determines the depth the lure will eventually fish at.

drop shot rig passing line from back to front
threading line front to back

Tie a loose overhand knot.

over hand knot

Pass the hook through the loop.

Drop shot rig hook through loop

Moisten with water or saliva and pull the knot tight.

pulling knot down
tighten knot

Thread the long tail through the eye from front to back and pull tight. This step will make the hook stand away from the line, allowing the lure to move more naturally in the water.

long tail passed through eye of hook

To finish the rig attach a lure to the hook, and a drop shotting weight to the end of the line.

wieight on line with lure
drop shot Rig showing set up


Palomar knot

Rapala Knot


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