How to tie a Bubble float rig

bubble float how to tie

Free lining a piece of bread crust is okay in the margins, but when the fish are further out, a bubble float rig is used to add a little casting weight.

How to tie a Bubble float rig

Thread the mainline through one side and out through the other of the bubble float. Next add a line stop which will prevent the float moving down the line on the cast. Tie a figure-of-eight loop in the end for attaching a hook link.

Bubble float
threading line

Tie a long hook link from a slightly lower breaking strain line than the mainline. Use a Uni knot to tie a size 8 to 4 round bend eyed chrome coloured hook at one end and at the other tie a figure-of-eight loop for a loop to loop connection to the mainline. Wet all knots with water or saliva before tightening down.

Partly fill the float with water to give it enough weight to cast. Leave some air in it to make sure it floats, remember to press the bungs in.

filling bubble float

Any line hanging below the water surface can be seen by the carp and may put them off. To make the line float, grease the hook length and three or four feet of line above the float with a floatant, petroleum jelly is a good choice.

finished rig

The bubble float is an aid to casting rather than bite indication. Ping out a few free offerings to get the carp feeding. Be alert as bites can come very quick. Bubble float fishing I reserve for those summer evenings when you know the fish are on the surface.

catching fish


Figure of eight loop knot

Uni knot

Loop to loop knot

Float stops


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