Hook lengths for float fishing – How to tie

Hook lengths for float fishing – How to tie

hook lengths for float fishing how to tie

Hook lengths for float fishing are frequently changed during a session. A different size hook might be called for or the replace a blunt one. Carrying a selection of ready tied hook links of the same length, makes changing the hook a quick, simple task and avoids the need to re-plumb the depth.

Tying a float fishing hook link

The usual tactic with a float, is to use a spade end hook baited with a natural bait. The typical length of a float fishing hook link is 6 inches.

Begin by tying a spade end hook onto the hook link line. Our article called How to tie a spade end hook by hand covers how to do this in detail.

Use several different line strengths, to tie a selection of hook links with hook designs and sizes as needed. I have made a list of the combinations of lines and hooks I use in my float fishing. If you would like a copy, please click the download link below.

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Storing float fishing hook lengths

Use a hook length jig set to 6 inches to ensure all your hook links are the same. Take the line from one peg, and loop around the second to set the length. Lift the line directly off the second peg and tie a figure-of-eight loop knot. Measured in this way, all the hook links will be identical and fit in the case.

Please see our article How to tie hook links the same length for more detail.

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Spade end hooks are usually preferred for directly hooking of natural baits used in float fishing. Hook size is matched to the size of the bait used. Small hooks, perhaps a 20, for casters, single maggots or bread punch. Larger hooks, perhaps a size 14, for worm, bread flake or bunches of maggots.

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Hook link line

Personally I like to use high a tech monofilament line for my hook link material. High tech lines have good knot strength, low diameter and are strong. Line diameters of 0.08mm (1lb 12oz) to 0.11mm (3lb 6oz) will cover most fishing trips. The hook link should always be tied in a lower breaking strain line than the main line For fish safety.

Thank you for watching and best of luck with your fishing.

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