Four Turn water knot – How to tie

4 turn water knot

Four turn water knot

The water knot is used by anglers to join two pieces of line together, commonly hook link and main line. It can be used on any two lengths of line but doesn’t work as well on thicker lines. For joining thicker lines use the Double Uni Knot.

How to tie

Hold the two lines parallel.

water knot fishing

Form a large loop with the two lines.

forming large loop

Keeping the lines together, thread the two ends from one side through the loop four times.

threading the loop

Wet the knot with water or saliva to help the line slide and tighten down.

tightening knot

Pull on the line and tail on each side of the knot to fully tighten.

knot tightened

Cut off the tail ends leaving a short tag.

cut tail


water knot finish


Double uni knot how to tie

Figure of eight line to line knot how to tie


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