Float stops – How to use

Float stops are tight fitting Silicon beads which are positioned on either side of a float to hold it in place on fishing line. Although they are tight fitting, they can be moved up and down the line to change the depth a float is set to fish at.

float and float stop

To attach a float stop, pass the fishing line through the wire loop and pull float stop on to the line.

stop on line
loading float stop

Thread a float onto the line, followed by the second float stop.

float and stop

Leave a gap between the float stops to allow room for the float to collapse down when striking.

finished float and stop

The setup is the same when attaching a float via a float adaptor.

with and without adaptor

Line stops

Line stops are bigger and grip the line more tightly than float stops. They are designed for use with heavier floats and ledger rigs like the helicopter rig.

line stops float

Line stops come in threes, use two below a heavy float and one above to stop the float from moving down the line on the cast.

finish line stop


Bubble float rig


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