Figure of eight loop knot – How to tie

figure of eight loop

Figure of eight loop knot

The figure of eight loop knot is one of the strongest knots for tying a loop in a fishing line. Loops can be used to hitch swivels, snap links and any other terminal tackle with an eye. It can also be used to loop two lines together.

How to tie

 Form a single loop in the line.

figure of eight loop knot

Hold the very end of the loop.

holding loop

Make a big double loop across the mainline.

forming double loop

Reach through the loop.

reach through loop

Twist it, and pull the small loop back through the bigger loop.

twisting to pull small loop
pulling through small loop

You should now see the figure eight in the lines. 

figure of eight in line

 Hold the knot and slide it down to create smaller loop.

making small loop

 Wet the line with water or saliva and pull to tighten the knot.

cinch figure of eight loop knot

Cut off the tail end.

cut off tail end


finished figure of eight loop knot


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