Figure of eight line to line knot – How to tie

line to line

The figure of eight line to line knot is used for joining a hook length to the main line.  The finished knot is very small and neat, making it ideal for Stick and Waggler float fishing with fine lines.  For Heavier lines of more than 3Ib, use either loop to loop or the double uni knot.

Figure of eight line to line knot how to tie

Take the two lines and lay parallel with each other.

figure of eight

Make a loop with the two lines.

loop in line

With your index finger reach in the loop and twist.

reach in loop

Pull both lines through the loop to make a figure of eight knot.

twist and pull lines
figure of eight line to line

Moisten the knot with water or saliva and pull tight.

moisten knot and tighten

Cut off both tail ends.

cutting tail ends


line to line knot finish


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