Feeder Fishing Shock Leader Knot

Shock leader knot is an easy knot for joining braid and mono lines together.  It uses two familiar knots, the Figure of eight loop knot and the Tucked half blood knot. Joining braid and nylon line with two small knots rather than one big knot, helps the line pass through the rod rings more easily.  This knot is used in light feeder fishing for Bream and Roach.

How to tie a Shock Leader Knot

First tie a Figure of eight Loop knot in the braided mainline.

figure of eight loop knot

Next use a tucked half blood knot to join the nylon leader to the braid.

Thread the nylon leader through loop in the braid.

Feeder fishing shock leader knot

Hold the nylon loop open with a finger and wrap the tail end 5 or 6 times round the line.

holding loop open
wrapping tail end

Pass tail end through the held open loop of the nylon line.

passing tail end through

Tuck the line back through the loop that has been created.

tucking tail end through loop

Moisten with water or saliva.

Pull both ends to tighten.

feeder fishing shock leader tighten knot

Cut off tail ends from both lines to finish.

cut tail ends
feeder fishing shock leader knot


Figure of Eight loop knot

Tucked half blood knot

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