Easy Snell knot – How to tie

easy snell knot

The easy Snell knot is used with an eyed hook. It is good when using directly hooked large natural baits or combination baits on larger hooks.  It holds the hook straight in line with the hooklink, which offers better presentation and hooking if the hook has an out-turned eye.

Easy Snell Knot – How to tie

Thread the hook onto the line from front to back.

easy sell knot

Double the line back to create a loop near the hook point.

end loop

From the point, wrap line around the shank towards the eye 8 to 10 times.

wrapping round the shank

Hold everything in place and thread line through the loop of line at the bottom.

easy snell knot threading

Wet the knot with water or saliva and pull tight.

pull  knot tight
final tighten

Cut off the tail end.

cut of tail end


Easy Snell knot


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