Easy Braid to Mono Knot

Easy braid to mono knot is used to tie a nylon leader to braided main line. It is a very strong, neat, small knot ideal for Bream, Skimmers, and Roach when feeder fishing.

How to tie easy braid to mono knot

Hold the braid and nylon line parallel.

holding lines

Form a large loop with the two lines.

form loop

Keeping the braid and nylon lines together, pull the leader and tail end from main line through the loop four times.

feeding  through loop
east braid to mono tightening knot

Wet the knot with water or saliva to help the line slide and tighten down.

moisten to slide knot down

Pull on the line and tail on each side of the knot to fully tighten.

pull all ends tight

Cut off the tail ends close to the knot.

tail cut off


easy braid to mono knot finished


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