Blood Knot – How to tie

blood knot

Blood knot is used to join two pieces of fishing line together. It makes a smooth, neat knot which is less likely to catch or snag.

Blood Knot How to tie

Cross two pieces of line over and hold them together where they cross.

blood knot line

Take the left side and wrap around the other line 4 to 6 times. Note the direction you wrap, as the second half of the knot is wrapped in the opposite direction.

wrapping round line

Next, pass the tail end between the two lines.

pass tail end between lines

Change hands while holding everything together.

change to other side

Wrap the second tail end round the line 4 to 6 times in the opposite direction to the first.

tail end wrapping

Pass the second tail end between the the two line in the opposite direction to the first.

passing second tail end

Holding both tail ends and lines, partially tighten the knot.

tighten knot

Moisten the knot with water or saliva to lubricate the line.

blood knot tighten lines

Holding both lines, yank or snatch the knot tight.

snatch line to finish knot

Do a final tighten with the tail ends and mainlines.

Cut off both tail ends close to the knot.

cut off tails


finished blood knot

Before the advent of ready made tapered leaders, blood knots were used to join different diameters of line to make a tapered leader. It was the preferred knot because the tag ends come out of the middle of the knot and therefore don’t catch on rod rings or the fishing line.

In coarse fishing, a blood knot can be used in any rig where there might be a risk of line looping back and catching on the tag end left by other knots.


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