2 Inch hooklengths – How to tie

hook lengths

 2 Inch hooklengths can be fiddly to tie by hand. Even a loop tyer can be difficult to use with such a short piece of line. But extra short hook links can be a real fish catcher on those days when a standard 4 inch hook link is not cutting it. The answer is to use a gate latch baiting needle to help tie the figure-of-eight loop knot in the end of the hook link.

2 Inch hook lengths – How to tie

Banded 8mm pellets are still the favoured baits used with the various flatbed feeders. Tie a size 12 or 14 wide gape hair rigging hook, onto your hook link line as a bait band hair rig. Use a pattern that has an out turned eye to allow the hook to sit straight on the line for better presentation and hooking. Our article called “How to tie a Pellet band and Bayonet hair rig” covers how tie these in detail.

2 inch hooklengths

With the hook tied, set the overall length of the hook link to 2 inches on a hook link jig. Please see our article “How to tie hook links the same length” for more on that subject.

Tying the loop

Next comes the fiddly job of tying a figure-of-eight loop knot in the end. The best way I have found to do this is with the help of a Gate latch baiting needle. Begin the loop in the usual way, but use a baiting needle to pull the loop through to complete the knot.

tying rig

Cut off the tail end and pull the knot down tight to finish off.

Most of the time a standard 4″ hook link works well with any flat bed feeders. But on occasions, an extra short 2 inch hooklength will out-fish the classic 4 inch, making them an indispensable addition to your rigs.


Best of luck with your fishing.


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