Coarse Fishing Knots

Coarse fishing knots

Knots literally hold everything together in fishing. Knowing how to tie them and which to use will help you to land more fish, it’s that simple.

Always wet the line with water or saliva before pulling a knot tight.

Four best fishing knots

These four “must know” knots form the cornerstone of tying hooks, swivels, joining line and tying rigs.

uni knot fishing how to tie
figure of eight loop
Palomar knot fishing how to tie

Newly added fishing knots

These are the latest knots added to this website.

Knots for tying hooks

  • Easy Snell knot – How to tie
  • How to tie a Drop Shot Rig
  • How to tie a Pellet band and Bayonet hair rig
  • How to tie a Spade end hook by hand
  • Tucked half blood knot – How to tie
  • The Knotless knot – How to tie

Knots for joining line

  • Feeder Fishing Shock Leader Knot
  • Strong Braid to Mono Leader Knot
  • Quick Change Beads – How to use
  • Easy Braid to Mono Knot
  • Blood Knot – How to tie
  • Figure of eight line to line knot – How to tie